I started this website to teach individuals how to draw using graphite as a starting point and display a GALLERY where you may view, comment, and rate our work. Thank you for visiting.

George Valdez    

Learn How To Draw

Drawing is a fun and exciting way to express what we want to draw. To be able to witness right in front of us what we have created is truly amazing. Click on the following image to begin.

Upcoming Events

My plans are to set up a booth at the next "Skills from the Hills" arts and crafts fair in 2016.
-Update : Event went well and will be posting about it here when we update this site.

My Sites in Development

OzarkPosters.com, TheVillageofDogpatch.com, and SkillsfromTheHills.com are in development alongside with ValdezArt.com

Are you a Valdez?

I want to take Valdez Art and turn into a group of Valdez artisans. If you are interested in joining valdezart.com, contact me. I will set you up for a domain name like the one I have picked: george.valdezart.com and your email will be like george@valdezart.com. I am designing a new site that will be different than the one currently being used.