Valdez Art is the official website for artist George Valdez. Sharing from experience about the art world I live in along with the tools and techniques I have learned throughout the years. Discussions on what I know about art, helping individuals understand how to draw from an artist perspective using graphite and other mediums. Buy art made available on my online workshop, I have original works, custom orders, and digital photography for sell. Leave some comments/reviews and support my work by visiting the workshop. Have fun reading and learning!

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I offer graphite drawing services and will do custom artwork for you. To find out more cal 870-204-0658 & ask for me (George Valdez) and we can discuss your vision of what you would like for me to draw.

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Drawing symmetrical hearts
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Drawing or painting a heart as perfect as possible is very cumbersome doing it by means of freehand. A person will have to have a very good eye in order to get the proportions correct if they are trying to … Read More

3Doodler pen wish post
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In my search into the original 3Doodler pen arena I found some interesting discussions about it. In this post I will share some insight of what I read so far and since I do not yet own one personally this … Read More

Good standard pencil to use
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In the ever growing world of art supplies there are some tools that really make the difference when drawing with graphite and the tool I am about to talk about here is the pencil. Pencils come in many shapes, styles, … Read More

Art and music
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Music soothes us from the inside & out. For it to either bring us up or tone us down in spirit(s) is not the result I just pay attention to; it’s the process my mind goes through from before I … Read More

Sketchers perspective
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Sketching wholesale mlb jerseys is the most crucial part in any drawing. All artists begin their work in sketch mode. Depending on what I am sketching, I sometimes use an eraser a lot so don’t feel bad if you find … Read More

Connecting with shades
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If there is any kind of light, more than likely there will be some form of shade. Shades are a part of our everyday life especially in the outdoors. They add a special dimension to pretty much everything and as … Read More